Domain, Web and Email Hosting

I can offer domain registration and web and email hosting at competitive rates.

It doesnt cost much to have your own internet domain... eg This gives you a much more personal and/or professional presence on the web and you can take it with you if you move internet service provider.

Our sites are hosted by one of the UK’s largest and most established companies who I have worked happily with for  over15 years.

I will help you through the process and support you as you develop your web identity.

Typical cost... domain registration £30.00 per year… Unlimited web and email hosting £60 per year. Email only hosting £30 per year

The email servers are fully up to date using the latest DMARK and DKIM security now required by Gmail and Yahoo. SPF records are also automatically added.

I can have a domain registered, email accounts setup and a holding page on a website in less than 30 mins . Just think about what YOU do when you are in need of a service. Good bet you look on the web. Any business needs its own domain and at least a basic website nowadays. This does not need to cost a fortune. A basic “here I am” webpage can done in minutes and you can develop it in your own good time.

Give me a call and I will explain fully what can be done.

If you require website developments I have a few partners who can help.