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Hi appleMK is mainly me, Andy Woollard.

I have been looking after Macs in the area for  over 20 years and feel that you should receive service that is up to the same excellent standard as the computer that you decided to buy.  I work from home where I have a dedicated office and workshop with some interesting apple (and SciFi) memorabilia on show.

I have a hardware engineer (Konrad) who is able to diagnose and repair Macs at component level. Often saving money against Apple’s “replace the board” policy. I have an iPhone and iPad specialist who can sort any broken phones and iPads. Last but not least  I also have a PC guy to whom I can refer any of you unfortunate enough not to have seen the light.

Always happy to chat.

Our Security Team

On constant watch over the premises to ward off any unwelcome visitors they will greet you with a lot of noise. But once you are “allowed” they are very friendly and likely to demand fuss. 

If you are wary of dogs please say and they will be banished upstairs.





I can help with lots of things…

Experience in the real world is what matters. I can look at most setups and see how to get the best out of it. Whether it is setting up a network or making your iCloud sync. I have experience in design, music and video environments. I also host domains, web sites and email and can help you to set up or reorganise your hosting.


Remote access across the internet can revolutionise your workflow in this age of home working. I can advise on the best ISP in your area and the speed you should expect. Call me first for advice and together we can be sure  you are pointing in the right direction to start with.

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