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Does your business use Macs? If the answer is yes then I can help you to get the best out of them and guide you toward the best software solutions. I can train your staff, host your website and email, sort out your databases and put you in touch with my other customers where they can help you.

I can offer service contracts tailored to suit your business. Payable monthly, quarterly or annually supporting you remotely and on site in every area of your IT.

If you don’t use Macs... Why not? Most people answer either cost, compatibility or both.

Macs are like Fairy Liquid, they work out cheaper in the long run. A Mac will still be capable of running the latest software after many years, so my guess is you need at least 2 PCs in that time. Maintenance is low by comparison, both hardware and operational. downtime is minimal and the time wasted by your staff using slow PCs is immeasurable. Imagine a world without virus software... You just imagined Macworld... Happy people work better and Macs make people happy.

Most software is available for Macs now and a lot of business software is web based and so runs on anything. If you absolutely have to run Windows then Parallels Desktop lets you do exactly that. Your PC only programs run right on your Mac desktop.


WiFi is great... for convenience... when it works!! It's also SLOW. Don’t get me wrong its fine in lots of places but you should always check. So often people live with slow internet thinking that is the way it is when the WiFi is the culprit . If you can, always test your connection with an Ethernet cable connection and check the speed, particularly in large buildings and/or ones with thick walls.

Often it is worth cabling from the router to strategic locations and creating individual WiFi Hotspots. PowerLine adapters can also be a good solution.

Businesses should check their network switches to see if they are Gigabit Ethernet. A single old 100base switch could be slowing a whole part of the network down  Remember, for moving files from Mac to Mac, WiFi is like a dripping tap compared to a Gigabit Ethernet cable based flood.

I can visit you, survey your setup and design the best solution. We also will check the performance of your internet and recommend any changes that might improve it.

I will visit you, free of charge with no obligation, at your offices, assess your needs, and tell you what you need and equally importantly what you don’t need. 

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